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& Kitchen Rat

LHC is a
mom & pop shop.

The #1 question we get is:

“what Kind of food is this?????”

Well, the food we make and serve is simply the food we want to eat ourselves. It’s food from everywhere we’ve been and tasted & everywhere we want to go and taste. It’s our memories. It’s our joy, passion, and hard work. It’s our crazy lives.

You can imagine we usually just get a blank stare & a repeat of the question.

We are American. Korean. 2nd Generation. Adoptee. Midwest. West Coast. City. Country. Global. Local. Parents. A constant work in progress. We are all of these & many layers in-between and that is what our food is.

American food cooked our way.

Our hope is that you choose to walk through our doors, let us be your dinner table, and enjoy a bit of our story.


the lhc fam

We are back back in Cali Cali!

Seven years ago Thomas and I (Kat) packed up a Uhaul and drove out of The Golden State looking for a new adventure. Adventure is definitely what we got in Minneapolis/Twin Cities.

Lots of snow, friends, sweat, laughter, love, a little blood and a few tears mixed with opening our first Left Handed Cook restaurant, having a baby a year later, and a week later opening our 140 seat full service restaurant and bar, The Rabbit Hole made 7 years flash by.

Our baby is now the “Big Boss” and Cali was calling us back to start a delicious new beginning.

So we packed up some pods and enjoyed a family road trip back to Cali. After thinking we would settle in the South Bay, all signs redirected us to La Crescenta for our home and restaurant.

We moved into La Crescenta in September and opened up The Left Handed Cook version 2.0 in November.

We couldn’t be happier being part of the La Crescenta community. It is truly a hidden gem.


About t.k.

Thomas Kim is The Left Handed Cook. He is left handed and he cooks.

Thomas was born in Glendale and raised in and around L.A. He started cooking at a very young age which resulted in a few home kitchen fires as well as 10 years of culinary specific experience as an exec chef followed by 10 years of being the chef/owner of his own restaurants.

Thomas went through the school of hard knocks, as in, he worked his way up and through all stations of a restaurant from Front of House to Back of House. He has worked in several fine-dining establishments and with notable culinary figures such as Roy Yamaguchi (James Beard winner), Jin Suzuki (Michelin Recognized Chef – Hachi Ju Hachi, Saratoga, CA).

T.K. previously owned and operated The Standing Room, which was located in the back of a liquor store in Redondo Beach, California.  It drew high praise for his eclectic gourmet burger menu.

The Left Handed Cook and The Rabbit Hole garnered both local and national attention for his innovative food and drinks.


About me, kat

I was adopted and grew up on a farm in the northwestern corner of North Dakota, but at heart I was a city girl and moved to Minneapolis in 1999.  Residence in NYC and L.A. were soon to follow (why not go big?)

From Hairstylist to Anthropology Student to Apparel Manufacturing and Brand Management, the next “logical” step was of course to open a restaurant, the 1st Left Handed Cook, with my boyfriend (now husband) Thomas. In a city that he had never been to and that I hadn’t lived in for 12 years. Because why not?

As small business owners and simply as people, we don’t always do everything the right way, easy way, or smart way. We are the cook, plumber, book keeper, garbage collector, graphic designer, dishwasher, printer, tile layer, marketer and the list goes on and on and even with all the long days, dirty dishes, and taxes, we love what we do. We love creating. We love that our food puts smiles on guests’ faces and satisfaction in their bellies. We love the feeling of accomplishment that is a direct result of our and our team’s hard work and dedication. Restaurant life is crazy, working with a spouse is crazy, and raising our kid in the restaurant is crazy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for being curious and reading a little about us.